Simple Essay About Love: An Example With Writing Tips

After all knowingly say that better once to see, than hundred times to hear. If, after having reviewed a number of essay writing guides, you still have no idea how to cope with your love paper — benefit from our simple love essay example. We don’t say that studying the essay sample is as exciting as reading the snapsext review, but even so, put it off for better times and focus on your romantic essay.

Standard Essay Structure

A usual essay includes:
1. An introduction includes a few sentences with a statement thesis to let your reader know what you are going to write about.
2. The main body consists of 3-4 paragraphs; each has a new idea supported by examples.
3. The conclusion summarizes the ideas you have presented in the main body.
Don’t use too longs sentences. It’s better to alternate short and long phrases. Avoid writing unknown words as your paper might not convey your primary idea.

Essay Example on the Topic “What Is Love?”

The introduction: What is love? That's a question everyone probably asks themselves sooner or later, but not everyone manages to find the answer.
The main body:
Para 1: I asked myself that question when I was five. Then I defined love as, “it's when mom and dad pay you a lot of attention and buy you sweets and toys.”
Para 2: When I was eight, I asked myself that question again. I grew up a little, and that meant that my mindset had changed too. But even then, my definition of love was far from perfect, “it's when a boy sticks up for a girl and gives her a chocolate bar.”
Para 3: And I guess it was on my fifteenth birthday that I came to understand love. “It's when someone is so crushed on you that they are willing to do anything for you.” Well, that’s the exact definition that can refer to all types of love. After all, not only men and women can love each other. There are many kinds of love that we just don't pay attention to — however, each involves making sacrifices.
Para 4: So, what is love? I have read this feeling makes the heart beat faster, gives you the hots and the colds, your breathing stops, and you feel an invisible force squeezes your chest. Love is the sparks all over your body. People are willing to do a lot in the name of love — commit a crime or make self-sacrifice. At least, the novel characters do it. People can love their sweethearts so much that they're willing to suffer for themselves not to hurt the person they love.
The final part: When we love, we forget about ourselves. Our thoughts are focused on our beloved. When we wake up in the morning, the first thing we think about is him or her. After all, if you really love, another person becomes more valuable than yourself. That's what love is.